Don makes case for new urinalysis technology

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Medical practitioners have been urged to adopt the new technology for urinalysis.

Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIRM) Director-General, Prof. Babatunde Salako, made the call during the launch of the United Nations Series-the modular way of urinalysis at the National Sickle Cell Centre, Idi Araba, Lagos.

The event had as theme Bridging the gap between patient care and quality diagnosis using medical technology in the laboratory.

Salako, who was the keynote speaker, said embracing the urinalysis would reduce errors and improve accuracy.

“You now have at your disposal a calibrated automated machine that can carry out urinalysis that would drastically reduce human error, Salako, said.

“These machines are capable of taking care of virtually everything concerned with urinary test and on the long run; the laboratory technicians would see other numerous uses of the machine.”

He added that the UN-series–Modula way of urinalysis is automated.

On how to rule out any error in the machine, Salako said: “There is the need to be certain that the range of normal that has been made for the machine by manufacturers also applies to us in Nigeria, so that the machine will not say what is normal for other countries is too high or low for us.

“We need to be sure that the range is accurate because they are being calibrated based on the country where it is produced,” he added.

Also, Managing Director, Gem Investment Limited, Chief Damian Onyekachi, said the UN-series style of carrying out urinalysis came at the right time.

‘’They have been using it in Europe and I believe that if we are able to establish that in Nigeria it would go a long way to help our nurses to improve patient care as well.

“We are still working it out because this is just a launch, but by the time we get to the table, we will work on what should be and what should not be in each category. So, if you have a smaller laboratory, you go for a smaller one, if it is a teaching hospital you go for the big one that would handle like hundred tests per day.”


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